The LUNAR CRUISER is the name!

Written by Chris Kwacz

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Toyota announced the NAME of hydrogen lunar rover their are being developing since summer of 2019. Let’s meet THE LUNAR CRUISER!

The name familiar to Toyota’s Land Cruiser SUV was chosen because of the familiar feeling it offers the people involved in the development and manufacture of the vehicle prototype as part of the joint research project as well as the familiarity it will provide the general public, the companies announced.

JAXA and Toyota signed an agreement last summer to develop the lunar rover, which will incorporate fuel-cell electric-vehicle technologies. This year, the partnership is working to build test parts for each major piece of the vehicle, and for a prototype of Lunar Cruiser itself. Lunar Cruiser’s engineering and design are expected to be completed by 2024, with a projected release date of 2029 — the rover’s manned exploration is set to take place in 2030. The six wheeled hydrogen powered vehicle will transport two astronauts as well as the gear they require while on the moon missions.

The Lunar Cruiser surely will play a huge role in the human society moon expansion, as the vehicle could help the astronauts to explore the lunar polar regions for the water ice resources that could be used as a fuel for the hydrogen fuel cells. Producing and harvesting own fuel during the moon missions is a crucial for the whole project.

It’s a long term project as it will take over 10 years to finish the final version of the hydrogen moon rover, but it’s one of the most important hydrogen fuel cells powered vehicles being developed nowadays. We will keep You informed about all the important project news and upcoming informations!

Source: JAXA



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