LAVO Your HOME Hydrogen Energy Storage System!

Written by Chris Kwacz

Australian based company LAVO starts to install their commercial ready hydrogen energy storage system in first customers homes! It’s a complete off grid solution making Your house an independent energy green spot! The batteries, which are nearly 1.7 metres tall and 1.2 metres wide and weigh 196kg, contain a water purifier, an inverter, an electrolyser, four hydride cells and a fuel cell. Green Hydrogen is created in electrolyzer by using the solar energy and then stored in fuel cell. The LAVO solution can storage 40kWh of energy what is more than enough energy for household needs.

The round-trip efficiency is about 50%, meaning that half the solar energy (or mains electricity) that goes in will be stored. The 50% efficiency measure will improve along with refinements of the hydride and advances in electrolyser and fuel cell technology.

The company claims a Lavo unit is good for 20,000 cycles, having put the technology through “accelerated tests” under laboratory conditions at UNSW. The first-of-its-kind gear the Lavo batteries are expensive, with a $34,750 price tag for the first model. Over time, and as efficiencies are further fine-tuned, Muller expects to the price will one day begin with a two.

“I believe our target markets early on will be those in regional, remote areas and those with larger energy needs, such as a pool or electric vehicle, or [sites in hot parts of the country] that rely on air-conditioning through the summer. This will be extremely beneficial.” says Matthew Muller, Lavo chief marketing officer.

Source: LAVO



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