HyStreet - Hydrogen Powered Houses

Written by Chris Kwacz

An unique test site that consist a specially built demonstration houses powered and heated by pure Hydrogen called HyStreet was set in Northymberland in United Kingdom! With more than 200 passed tests they are a kind of showroom proving that is a possible and safe to convert home and gas network to hydrogen!

The project as a part of Ofgem’s Network Innovation Competition H21, is led and covered by Northern Gas Networks with partners: Cadent, Scottish Gas Networks, Wales & West Utilities, National Grid, DNV GL and the Health and Safety Executive’s science division.

The ‘HyStreet’ House Site consists of specially-built demonstration houses, with more than 200 tests completed to research and prove the safety of hydrogen usage as a primary heat source instead of natural gas. H21 is demonstrating how existing natural gas networks can be repurposed to safely carry 100% hydrogen.

The first demonstration has seen Worcester Bosch and Baxi Heating install combi-boilers into the houses on HyStreet, developed as part of the UK Government-funded Hy4Heat programme, which is also supporting the development of hydrogen-ready gas cookers, fires and gas meters.

Tim Harwood, Northern Gas Networks’ Project Director for H21 said: “Seeing the boilers in situ at Spadeadam is an exciting step in the journey to realising our goal of a gas network transporting 100% hydrogen to customers. The hydrogen boiler looks and feels just like the natural gas version we all have today and is just as user-friendly, showing that a transition could cause minimal disruption to customers.”

Dan Allason, Head of Research and Innovation at DNV GL’s Spadeadam Research and Testing added: “Eight out of 10 homes in the UK use a gas boiler to heat their homes and provide hot water and replacing all gas boilers with electric alternatives could be extremely costly. Both of the boiler manufacturers have developed options with their hydrogen ready prototypes to assist the switch to a lower carbon alternative”

Source: Northern Gas Networks



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