Hydrogen Terminal Tracktor in Port of Rotterdam!

Written by Chris Kwacz

In the cooperation between Terberg Benschop a known tracktor manufacturer and Zepp.Solutions the Fuel Cell Developement Company, the YT203-H2 a fully operational Hydrogen powered Terminal Tracktor is tested in daily full scope operations in the Port of Rotterdam including conteiners uploading and unloading. Zero Emission plus 24 hours heavy-duty performance thanks to fast hydrogen refuelling are the main advantages of that solution!

The first of its kind hydrogen fuel terminal tractor is now in operation at the Port of Rotterdam. The YT203-H2 is the result of a collaboration between special vehicle tractor manufacturer Terberg Benschop and Dutch fuel cell system developer zepp.solutions. Both companies worked together to make sure the hydrogen fuel terminal tractor would maximize its potential. The vehicle began its testing in the Port of Rotterdam in October, where it was deployed in daily operations.

The hydrogen fuel terminal tractor was required to complete a full spectrum of daily operations for the collection of a vast array of data. The YT203-H2 proof of concept is based on the battery electric YT203-EV, which is also a new addition to the scene. It recently entered series production. By designing the new H2 vehicle on a platform that has already been proven, it made it possible to guarantee the same ergonomics and maintenance workflow.

“Our ultimate goal is to offer excellent performance for heavy-duty applications combined with favorable TCO,” said Terberg Benschop managing director Rob van Hove.

Zepp.solutions Co-founder Kevin Schreiber: “With our roots and experience in pioneering hydrogen in motorsport, we are now able to offer highly compact and performance-optimized fuel cell solutions that put our clients ahead of the competition. By taking on the task of integration and offering an all in one package we enable vehicle manufacturers like Terberg and their clients to reap the benefits that hydrogen offers”

Source: Port of Rotterdam



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