Hydrogen Dome of Sweden

Written by Chris Kwacz

The brand new huge innovation hub is now open in Sweden. The Hydrogen Dome of Sweden is the name for the building and a place where the new platform for dialogue on innovation and sustainable green hydrogen developement will be created. It’s a first step to build an inspirating and solid Swedish Campus that will gather projects around hydrogen!

Hydrogen Dome of Sweden is the name for the building, which was previously owned and operated by NCC, now it will be a home to a new Swedish Hydrogen innovation hub.

Nicklas Arfvidsson, CEO of Chalmersfastigheter AB, said, “We welcome an exciting tenant who contributes to a sustainable and inspiring campus!”

Nilsson Energy Group today announced the opening with REH2, who hopes to establish a network of hydrogen filling stations with decentralised production of green hydrogen.

Martina Wettin, Founder & Business Development Manager Nilsson Energy, commented, “The time is ripe for Sweden to show its relevance and gather strength around hydrogen. Nilsson Energy Group works hard to maintain and further develop its leading position as a system integrator. Success is achieved with a long-term perspective and in exchange with customers, suppliers, academia and continued openness to new demands, knowledge, expertise and technology.

Source: H2View



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