Hydrogen CarCopter

Written by Chris Kwacz

Is it a car? Is it a helicopter? No, it’s a Hydrogen CarCopter! MACA the French based start-up created this hydrogen powered concept that aims to revolutionize the way we travel. With a slick aerodynamic body and Top Speed of 246 km/h this prototype is designed for a racing scenario. It’s a green Zero Emission Ride thanks to Fuel Cell and Hydrogen tank onboard. CarCopter will be powered by six 35kW electric engines with a weight of approx 600kg and 5 meters lenght. The first test flights are set to end of year 2021!

CarCopter is conceived by french start-up, MACA, this hydrogen-powered concept aims to revolutionize the way we travel. With its aerodynamic body and theoretical top speed of 153 mph (246 kph), the prototype is designed for a racing scenario. It intends to be the first (manned) flying hydrogen formula 1 car. The highly-futuristic vehicle is set to be shown at annual tech event, CES 2021!

The founders of MACA – Thierry de Boisvilliers and Michael Krollak – are looking to hydrogen energy in a bid to reduce the harmful pollution caused by traditional combustion engines. By harnessing hydrogen MACA proposes a safer, quieter, and greener ride. The carcopter formula 1 concept is powered by six 35kW electric engines. This means zero CO2 emissions, only water and warm air, which is pretty extraordinary when you compare it to the huge carbon footprint of F1 racing.

The carcopter model that is currently being developed weighs 600kg and is 5 meters in length. The design features semi-automatic piloting and a lightweight and aerodynamic frame. The final model is set to take its first flight at the end of 2021 and MACA plans to launch the flying vehicle onto formula 1 circuits in 2023.

Source: MACA



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