Flying-V by Delft University

Written by Chris Kwacz

The Flying-V airplane designed by Delft University Scientists, where the passengers are travelling inside the wing, it’s not only a brand new aircraft design concept but such an aerodynamic plane shape will cut it’s fuel consumption by 20 percent and more!

The plane is already after the inaugural flight being tested by researchers. The flight was completed with a 3-meter and 22.5 kg scale model. As the first flight model test were a complete success, the team will proceed with the following stages. The Flying-V Plane idea was developed by Delft University of Technology from Netherlands with the huge help from KLM Dutch Airline. Together, they will move on to the next points of the project developement.

The Flying-V Aircraft Project is a brand new design. Passenger cabin and fuel tanks and cargo hold, are all placed within the plane’s wings. The scientists believe, that this aerodynamic shape will create 20 and more percent reduction of fuel consumption, comparing to the standard aircraft shape. The Project predicts to use the hydrogen as the base fuel for the final version of the Flying-V Aircraft following the goal to decarbonize the aviation market.

“One of our worries was that the aircraft might have some difficulty lifting-off, since previous calculations had shown that ‘rotation’ could be an issue. The team optimized the scaled flight model to prevent the issue, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. You need to fly to know for sure.” says professor Roelof Vos from Delft University of Technology.

Source: Delft University of Technology



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