First Polish Hydrogen Locomotive from PESA already in 2021!

Written by Chris Kwacz

PESA Bydgoszcz SA will build first Polish Hydrogen lovomotive for ORLEN SA and whole hydrogen train for Polish Railroad PKP Intercity. The prototype will be presented during the september's TRAKO Fair Trade. PESA hydrogen lovomotive engine is 4 x 180kW powered by 2 x Ballard Fuel Cells Pack. First locomotive will be tested in ORLEN Rafinery in Płock, Poland.

In year 2019 PESA Bydgoszcz SA created a special team of hydrogen experts, starting their own R&D Hydrogen Team. The team works on two separate projects: The hydrogen powered locomotive and the Hydrogen Train. The PESA Hydrogen Locomotive will have a radio control system that will create of possibility tohave just one person operating during the manuvering stage. The locomotive will have a set of leading cameras and full monitoring onboard. It's a middle phase into the full automatic control of the vehicle.

The second project is a PESA Regio 160 with a full hydrogen powered train for regional and urban zones. The train will have maximum speed of 160km/h and will support the Zero Emission and Carbon Neutral Program in the heavy/train transport sector.

The Prototype is build mainly by the substidies from European Union, covering approx 90% of the costs of the whole project.

Source: PESA



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