Dongsheng Cup International Hydrogen Division Final in Beijing. Meet Hydrogen Report.

Written by Chris Kwacz

On October 19, Dongsheng Cup International Entrepreneurship Competition Hydrogen Division Final & Hydrogen Sharing Session were officially held in Daxing International Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Zone, Beijing, China. Ten international and Chinese projects working on hydrogen competed to get into the Global Final of the 9th "Dongsheng Cup" Competition.

The event has started from the Hydrogen Sharing Session. Hydrogen industry is in its growing phase with some regions pioneering the field. It makes an international cooperation and exchange crucial for the common development. In order to empower hydrogen energy entrepreneurs and make them better understand the current situation of hydrogen’s prospects in China and abroad, the event welcomed two experts to share their vision of the hydrogen industry.

President of Meet Hydrogen Association Thomas Goletz (Germany) shared the speech on "Why SMEs in Hydrogen Energy Industry Should Have an Internationalization Strategy". Mr. Goletz gave a picture of the global hydrogen industry and its market. The expert also talked about the necessity for the broader, global thinking which hydrogen startups need to develop from the very beginning of building the company. As Thomas mentioned, with the international strategy come the new development opportunities. “Think global, act local” was one of his main advices for Chinese hydrogen SMEs. Besides the keynote speech, Thomas Goletz also presented the results of a survey, conducted by Meet Hydrogen Association team in China, Europe and South America and covering 400 SME and 135 cities/municipalities. The research systemized the data about CO2 activities and challenges for the hydrogen industry. In the framework of the Hydrogen Sharing Session, the results of the survey were introduced to the public for the first time.

Another keynote speaker, senior research fellow of ANBOUND Industrial Research Center Enqiao Liu (China), introduced the competition analysis of hydrogen energy industry. Chinese expert shared a lot of valuable information obtained through in-depth research with the pioneers in the hydrogen energy industry on site, providing strong data support to help the entrepreneurs make better decisions in the future.

After the keynote speeches, Director of Industrial Service Department of Daxing International Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Zone Xie Tao introduced Daxing International Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Zone and its special policy for hydrogen startups. He noted that finalists of the Dongsheng Cup Entrepreneurship Competition will also enjoy these benefits.

The Hydrogen Sharing Session was followed by Dongsheng Cup Hydrogen Division Final. Each of the 10 participating teams introduced their projects during the 6-minute pitch and interacted with the judges and investors.

Four projects got the chance to proceed to the Dongsheng Cup Global Semi-Finals which will be held in November. These projects included Spiral Groove Gas Bearing and its Application in H2-Systems Project (Germany), Low-cost Environmentally Friendly Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Production Method Project (USA), Fuel Cell R&D and Industrialization Project (China) and High-performance Third Generation Power Semiconductor SiC Module Project (China).

Dongsheng Cup International Entrepreneurship Competition Hydrogen Division was officially launched in July this year and since then more than 100 hydrogen startups signed up to participate. After the preliminary screening, project roadshows and fierce competition in the Hydrogen Division Final, four teams entered the Global Semi-Finals.

Chris Kwacz

Meet Hydrogen

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