AGFA presents a new PEM Membrane that lower the cost of green hydrogen production!

Written by Chris Kwacz

Green Hydrogen is a pure, zero emission most wanted type of hydrogen, created in the process of electrolysis by using the only the renewables energy sources. The production COST of Green Hydrogen is still high that’s why the companies are searching for new possibilites to decrease it. Here comes the Agfa with their brand new ZIRFON UTP 500+ electrolysis membrane, that helps to produce the green hydrogen at competitive cost!

Agfa-Gevaert Group is a leading company in imaging technology and IT solutions with over 150 years of experience. In 2019, the Group realized a turnover of 2,239 million Euro. Agfa is a member of Hydrogen Europe and lately they joined the Hydrogen Alliance increasing the researches at hydrogen and PEM membrane field.

ZIRFON membranes from Agfa Labs, designed especially for advanced alkaline electrolysis are appreciated by customers around the world for their sustained high productivity even in dynamic operating conditions. Another advantage is their excellent durability, which benefits both the reliability and maintenance cost of the electrolyzer system.

Lately, Agfa presented their brand new ZIRFON UTP 500 electrolysis membrane that is already acknowledged around the world for its best-in-class sustained high productivity. The new ZIRFON UTP 500+ allows for an even 2,5% higher yield* of hydrogen gas and sets a new standard for advanced alkaline electrolysis. (* measured at 10kA/m2)

Marc Van Damme, Agfa’s Vice President comments: “The launch of ZIRFON UTP 500+ is the result of continuous efforts to enable our customers to produce green hydrogen at competitive cost. Additionally, the further expansion of the ZIRFON portfolio demonstrates Agfa’s confidence in the advanced alkaline electrolysis technology for the future.”

Source: AGFA



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