1000 Hydrogen refuelling stations in China to the year 2025 from SINOPEC!

Written by Chris Kwacz

Hydrogen production increased by 30 % while the price dropped by 50% in China just in last few years. SINOPEC the biggest and goverment controlled oil company announced that within next four years they will build over 1.000 of hydrogen refuelling stations around the country. Within last few months over 50 hydrogen refuelling stations was already created as a test phase of the whole project.

China's hydrogen production increased by 30 percent year-over-year in the first half of this year, and the proportion of hydrogen production using new energy sources increased by 30 percent year-over-year, according to the China Hydrogen Energy Industry Association. In recent years, the new energy vehicle industry has seen repaid development, and the hydrogen-fueled vehicle industry has seen growth opportunities driven by carbon peak and carbon neutral targets.

The cost and selling price of hydrogen energy has dropped by about 50 percent in the last four years, and production and sales of hydrogen-fueled vehicles have skyrocketed, CCTV reported on Friday. Hybrids and hydrogen vehicles should play a more important role in the automotive industry's electrification transition, Toyota executives previously said.

Sinopec, the Chinese state-owned oil producer, said Monday that it will offer hydrogen at up to 1,000 of its service stations in the country by the end of 2025, signaling support for Beijing's efforts to deploy the gas to help achieve President Xi Jinping's carbon neutrality targets. SINOPEC within just last few months created already over 50 of Hydrogen refuelling stations as a test phase of the whole project.

Hydrogen is "one of the major focal points in our strategic transformation" from fossil fuels, Sinopec Chairman Zhang Yuzhuo told analysts and reporters on a conference call Monday, noting the company's "competitive advantage lies in distribution" in the form of its 30,000 gas stations around China. He said it would offer hydrogen at 100 stations by year-end.

"We aim to attain our carbon neutrality 10 years earlier than the national target," he said.

In whole China more than 40 cities have released hydrogen energy plans, with trillions of yuan in industry scale, and more than 30 hydrogen energy industrial parks have been built since China announced its support policy for fuel cell vehicles.




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