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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cruise Ship for Norway's Fjords

Norwegian companies develops zero emission shipping to protect the beautiful natural World Heritage Fjords. The CO2 emission vessels will be banned there from 2026. First ship with 3.2MW Hydrogen Fuel Cell onboard will be ready in year 2023 as a part of Havyard Design Group’s FreeCO2AST development Project for the shipowner Havila.

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How Renewable Hydrogen will help Europe decarbonization?

Europe have to decarbonise it's energy system. Renewable electricity from wind and solar will take care of most of that. But there are parts of the energy system that just can’t be electrified. That's where renewable, green Hydrogen will play an important role! A massive scale-up of electrolysers and of renewables, the raw material for electrolysis is just a key part of Green Deal objective of carbon neutrality in Europe by year 2050.

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Woven City Project has started!

The groundbreaking ceremony for construction of Woven City officialy started that amazing project held by Toyota and Woven Planet Holdings. Woven City will start with 360 residents, mainly inventors and innovators with their families. The population will grow up to 2000 inhabitans focusing on human-centered approach to community development. The Project will bring new technology to life in an automated driving, personal mobility, robotics, zero emission hydrogen fuels and artificial intelligence areas. Amazing architecture and futuristic solutions are planned. There will be three types of streets in Woven City: one dedicated to automated driving, one to pedestrians, and one to pedestrians with personal mobility vehicles. There will also be one underground road used to transport goods.

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Foshan- the hydrogen technology city

With a population of around 8 million, Foshan is one of the biggest cities in the Greater Bay Area and a part of the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone. It is located in the center of Guangdong in the South of China, near the province's capital Guangzhou. Foshan is a fast-growing city and is leading the way in terms of decarbonization. Batteries and hydrogen are the two of the most promising zero-emission technologies. Some cities, such as Shenzhen, have opted for batteries, but Foshan chose the hydrogen energy economy.

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1000 Hydrogen refuelling stations in China to the year 2025 from SINOPEC!

Hydrogen production increased by 30 % while the price dropped by 50% in China just in last few years. SINOPEC the biggest and goverment controlled oil company announced that within next four years they will build over 1.000 of hydrogen refuelling stations around the country. Within last few months over 50 hydrogen refuelling stations was already created as a test phase of the whole project.

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Leading the charge: How Shenzhen transformed its public transport network.

Today, many cities and local authorities in China aim to lower carbon emissions that come from public and private transportation. Clean energy has been used more widely over the past few years, and many small municipal pilot projects began testing the use of hydrogen and electric vehicles. While smart traffic management and bicycle renting schemes add to the ways we can reduce emissions, so far only a few cities worldwide went as far as restructuring their entire public transportation network into a zero emission system.

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Dongsheng Cup International Hydrogen Division Final in Beijing. Meet Hydrogen Report.

On October 19, Dongsheng Cup International Entrepreneurship Competition Hydrogen Division Final & Hydrogen Sharing Session were officially held in Daxing International Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Zone, Beijing, China. Ten international and Chinese projects working on hydrogen competed to get into the Global Final of the 9th "Dongsheng Cup" Competition.


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Maciej Nietopiel wiceprezes zarządu ZEPAK SA i Maciej Grześkowiak dyrektor do spraw projektów strategicznych i komunikacji PESA SA Bydgoszcz opowiadają o najbliższych planach i działaniach wdrażania projektów opartych o gospodarkę wodorową.

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UNITED Airlines with Zero Emission BOOM Overture ultrafast Supersonic Jets!

United one of the biggest US based Airlines will buy 15 ultrafast Supersonic JETS from BOOM Supersonic Colorado based Aerospace startup company! BOOM Overture, the Zero Emission, Carbon Free SuperJet will be ready to passenger service in year 2029. It will cut the flight time in a half. That means a flight London to New York that typically lasts approx 7 hours with BOOM Overture would take 3,5 hour! More 35 Boom Overture SuperJest will be bought by United later according to the deal. Boom Supersonic already started to work on their Zero Emission Carbon Free propulsion system with Rolls Royce. And Rolls Royce is working really hard on their brand new Rolls Royce MTU Series 500 Engine that is HYDROGEN powered. Once operational, Overture is expected to be the first large commercial aircraft to be Zero Carbon from day one! It is expected to roll out in 2025, fly in 2026 and start to carry passengers in 2029!

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