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Mobile Hydrogen Refuelling Station!

WyRefueler is the 350-bar hydrogen refuelling station for trucks, buses, trains and other vehicles. A mobile, plug and play, 24 hours remote control solution provided by the German company Wystrach.

The Wystrach Company specializes in high-pressure storage systems and hydrogen technology solutions, operating mainly in Germany, and they just presented a brand new mobile hydrogen refuelling station.

The station have two core components: The tank container and the mobile refueler. Wystrach’s basic S model boasts a 20-foot tank container, 313kg of usable hydrogen volume, 88kg buffer storage and is capable of providing 180kg of hydrogen a day.

“From the very start, or goal was to develop a user-friendly and highly flexible plug and play solution. The system can be assembled or dismantled in the space of a single day and needs just a 63A connector. The WyRefueler makes emissions-free logistics and intralogistics easy – and there’s no limit to where the solution can be deployed. The system can be modified to meet a customer’s every need, such as a larger tank container, storage compressor, or additional cooling.” said Wolfgang Wolter, CEO of Operations & Sales.

There is no need for trips to a public filling station and no waiting in line at the pump. In addition, the WyRefueler operated without a hitch the entire time, which delivered both time and cost advantages to all hydrogen vehicles operating on construction sites, ports, or airports.




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