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GM500 H2 Hydrogen City Sweeping Machines in France

They are small but so cute! And they are fully 100% Hydrogen powered! The GM500 H2 City Sweeping Machines from Green Machines are actually on the "Tour The Hydrogene" sweeping the streets of Renners, Nantes, Lyon and Paris. GM wants to present their solution to as many people as possible, showing them the technology and possibilities. GM500 Hydrogen helps to decrease the pollution in the cities and keep them clean not only by polishing the pavements but also by Zero Emission!

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12 ALSTOM Coradia Polyvalent Hydrogen Trains bought by France

ALSTOM just signed an huge order for 12 dual mode electric hydrogen trains, making this the very first order for hydrogen trains in France! Four French regions Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Grand Est and Occitanie represented by France Railroad SNCF Voyageurs decided to buy 12 dual-mode catenary-hydrogen trains from ALSTOM Coradia Polyvalent range! Each train is 72 meters long and have 218 seats. The maximum range of the train in hydrogen mode is 600 km. The contract is worth 190 milion euros.

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Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Mobile Clinic from Japanese Red Cross and Toyota!

The Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Mobile Clinic from Japanese Red Cross and Toyota will revolutionise the health sector. The solution could be used in disaster areas as a small mobile clinic, a mobile PCR emergency testing vehicle, but also supplying electricity to blood donation buses and medical vehilces! The FCEV mobile clinic is based on the Coaster minibus and is using the Toyota Fuel Cell system employed in the Mirai automobile.

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Interest in hydrogen is growing and it's clear, that next significant transformation in the energy transition, will be based on the hydrogen economy. What if we could look even further ahead? How the hydrogen economy will look 5 or 10 years from now? Trying to answer that question we created Quo Vadis Hydrogen Report. The idea was quite simple: We invited TEN amazing personalities connected to Hydrogen World, and asked for their personal PREDICTIONS and THOUGHTS about the FUTURE of HYDROGEN. Today, we proudly present their answers. It's like trying to look into the magic ball and reveal the mist of the future. We truly believe You will enjoy that story!

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Hydrogen Powered Police Cars to be designed and built in Australia!

Australian government want to reactivate the huge car factories in Elizabeth City near Adelaide. This time the South Australian Car Valley would produce an all-electric, fuel cell hydrogen powered futuristic Police car based on SAE-A full sized SUV concept revealed last year. The Fuel Cell Car would be tailored to the needs of Police and Emergency Services around the world. Australian authorities want to use city existing production facilities and skilled workforce that used to work there for Holden, one of the biggest car component suppliers.

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General Motors will switch to All Electric LineUp in 2035!

The days of internal combusion engine are numbered. The World largest automaker, General Motors annouced that it will switch to all-electric lineup in year 2035. The move, one of the most ambitious in the auto industry, is a piece of a company plan to become carbon neutral by 2040. The company plans to spend almost …

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China is converting battery buses and trucks into hydrogen fuel cell vehicles!

Battery electric vehicles such as municipal buses and trucks are being converted into hydrogen fuel cell vehicles by China. The northern parts of China are very cold and the battery electric busses do not work well in the cold weather conditions. The authorieties are converting nearly the enire fleet in the main cities from batteries …

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Hydrogen CarCopter

Is it a car? Is it a helicopter? No, it’s a Hydrogen CarCopter! MACA the French based start-up created this hydrogen powered concept that aims to revolutionize the way we travel. With a slick aerodynamic body and Top Speed of 246 km/h this prototype is designed for a racing scenario. It’s a green Zero Emission …

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The Renault Group just released a brand NEW Long Term Strategy for the whole company called Renaulution! It’s a big turnover into Electric/Green Vehicles and Renault just teamed up with PLUG POWER one of the biggest Fuel Cell World Producers. The goal is simple: Renault wants to become a LEADER in production of Hydrogen Fuel …

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New Hydrogen Toyota Mirai On Sale in Japan!

So here is is! Long awaited brand new generation of Hydrogen powered Toyota Mirai began selling few days ago in Japan! After six years and first Mirai launch in 2014, the new model have over 30% more range, as it can run up to 650 kilometers without refuelling. The seating boosted from four to five …

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DL4-HY4 the first Hydrogen powered Aircraft with test flights at Stuttgart Airport!

The World’s first four seater Hydrogen Fuel Cell Aircrat DL4-HY4 did it’s maiden, test flight at Stuttgarts Airports on 11 of december 2020. The carbon free electric Zero flights is the future of Aviation, and after next several tests this HY4 model will be builded up to 40 passengers flying in regional flights within next …

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The Future of Hydrogen Transport. Interview with Thomas Goletz

Today we deliver to You a very interesting interview about the future of Hydrogen Transport. The special guest that is sharing his thoughts and opinions about that rapidly developing market is Thomas Goletz, The President and CEO of Meet Hydrogen Association. Thomas is CEO of MGI Inc, a company based in Germany and China. MGI …

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Deutsche Bahn joins Siemens in testing local Hydrogen Trains

Deutsche Bahn and Siemens are working together to develop Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell locomotives. The design will be based on the Mireo Plus Electric model projected by Siemens, with 160km/h top speed, range of 600 kilometers and 15 minutes refuelling time. The partnership involves building a H2 filling station that will begin operation in 2024, …

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Ineos introduce their Grenadier an Off-Road Hydrogen Vehicle!

Ineos, the UK chemical company teamed up with Hyundai and will use he Korean fuel cells in its new Grenadier, an Off-Road Hydrogen Vehicle! Ineos is a LandRover successor and their Grenadier is a Landrover’s Defender New version! That deal is expected to be completed within weeks, with production of the Grenadier set up December …

Fuel Cells • VEHICLES

Milestone in Uptake of Fuel Cell Trucks in Europe

44 major companies representing the entire supply chain of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles, (Honda, Hyundai, Daimler, Hyzon, IVECO, Toyota among them) pledged their support to deliver between 5,000 and 10,000 hydrogen-powered trucks in Europe by 2025 and a minimum of 100 hydrogen refuelling stations by then in a Milestone Deal signed during the European Hydrogen …

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Hydrogen Tram - The Chinese Way for Zero Emission Transport!

30 December 2019 can be considered as the start of the “Hydrogen Era” in urban rail transport. On that day, the world’s first hydrogen tram line began commercial operation in Gaoming district, the Chinese city of Foshan. CRRC Qingdao Sifang’s representatives agreed to lift the secrecy and told us what the road was to the …


Extreme E 2021 Zero Emission Hydrogen SUV Off-Road Championships!

In next year we are about to see a brand new World Racing Series! The wild, extreme locations, great emotions and… All ELECTRIC SUV Rally powered by hydrogen! The Zero Emission Championships will be supported by AFC Energy, one of the biggest hydrogen solutions provider. AFC Energy just announced they will supply each starting team …


MAN starts to produce the Hydrogen Powered vehicles!

Another great company joined the Hydrogen Forces! MAN Trucks & Bus presented their Zero Emission Roadmap and starts to use hydrogen as a fuel in their prototypes from year 2021! The first MAN H2 Trucks tests are planned from 2023! MAN Truck & Bus is bringing CO2-free mobility to the road with its electric and …

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The New PopeMobile is Hydrogen Powered!

Pope Francis received amazing gift from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Japan. A brand new Toyota Mirai adapted for his mobility needs. The new PapaMobile is a Hydrogen powered! God Speed! The delivery ceremony was held at 7th of october near the Pope’s residence in the Vatican City, were Rev. Father Domenico Makoto Wada (representing …

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Hydrogen Tractor from New Holland presented in Netherlands!

The long awaited Hydrogen Tractor from New Holland was finally unveiled and presented by their contractor Jos Scholman. The tractor is a fuel cell and diesel hybrid and was developed by New Holland and Blue Fuel Solutions. Jos Scholman will buy four vehicles in the first wave. One of the largest agricultural equipment companies in …

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Honda quits Formula 1 to focus on Fuel Cell Technology!

Honda is quitting it’s participation in Formula 1 in order to focus on research and developement of fuel cells technologies, the company announced. Honda builds the power units for Red Bull Racing Formula 1 Team actually. The huge news showing how important period of transformation is just in front of us! Its an important decision, …

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Mercedes-Benz GenH2 Fuel Cell Truck Unveiled!

Another amazing hydrogen truck is under heavy developement. This time Daimler Trucks presented their vision of Mercedes-Benz GenH2 Truck! GenH2 is based on Mercedes-Benz Actros and with a range up to 1000 kilometers and more on a single hydrogen tank is surely an exciting news! GenH2 is expected to load up to 80 kg of …


Denmark with hydrogen buses!

North Denmark Region and the Municipality of Aalborg have signed contracts for delivery of first three hydrogen busses and for the erection of a hydrogen production and filling station, which will be operational from October 2020 as the country’s first fuel cell bus system. The buses and refuelling station are financed by the 3Emotion project. …

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Austria with Hydrogen trains from Alstom!

The Coradia iLint Hydrogen Train from Alstom was built in Salzgitter, Germany. It uses on-board fuel cells to convert hydrogen and oxygen into electricity, thus reducing operating emissions to zero. During the semptember, october and november, the hydrogen train will run for the first time in regular passenger service for ÖBB, the Austrian Federal Railways. …


Nikola teamed up with General Motors!

Nikola Motor Company, the young, popular hydrogen vehicles company based in Phoenix, Arizona, has teamed up with General Motors! Their Nikola Badger Hydrogen Pickup will be built and developed by General Motors now. As part of this huge strategic partnership, General Motors will receive the 11 % of ownership of Nikola, wchich will remain an …


Australian H2X Hydrogen Cars Factory Confirmed!

During the Illawarra Innovative Industry Network event held few days ago at the Novotel Northbeach, The first H2X Australia car manufacturing factory was confirmed to be open in Port Kembla, Australia! Peter Zienau, H2X Australia chief powertrain and production officer revealed that the company has already held meetings with organizations such as the University of …


The LUNAR CRUISER is the name!

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Toyota announced the NAME of hydrogen lunar rover their are being developing since summer of 2019. Let’s meet THE LUNAR CRUISER! The name familiar to Toyota’s Land Cruiser SUV was chosen because of the familiar feeling it offers the people involved in the development and manufacture of the …


Hydrogen Gritters in Glasgow!

ULEMCo, the British company pioneering the adaption of hydrogen fuel in the UK, will provide the largest single deployment of hydrogen vehicles in the country. Thanks to Scottish Government they will help to transfor the Glasgow City Council existing fleet into a hydrogen powered one. ULEMCo will deliver 20 gritters, multi-purpose vehicles ready for use …

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