Business & Economy

The energy transition and therefore the renewable energy market is strongly driven by two major facts:

  • Climate goals 2050 – decarbonization
  • Limited resources of oil, coal and gas

In this context renewables energies have today already a strong impact to economy and society at global as well as local level. During the next years renewables energies will be one of the most disrupting factor for both economy and societies worldwide. Regions and SME play a major role in this transition. In fact, they are the players bringing the vision of clear energy for all of us into reality.

Meet Hydrogen supports regions and SME at local and global level, by bringing technologies, best practices, business model innovation and financial resources to regions and SME, and at the same time opening access to a global market.

Building local cluster around clean energy and hydrogen, identifying business opportunities and the underlying business models, enabling technology transfer, engaging innovation, and bringing all of that into business life, are main ingredients of Meet Hydrogen.

Meet Hydrogen clusters have a regional focus and help startups as well as established companies to adapt and deploy their business models for the clean energy market. At the same time we open markets and develop business opportunities for the incubators.

Following the Bee+ business model innovation methods, SME can adjust their existing business model to the threads and opportunities by clean energy, regulations around it and new competition.

Meet Hydrogen is your platform to

  • Learn about clean energy and in particular hydrogen
  • Transfer knowledge and expertise to your region or company
  • Build a state of the art business in the clean energy age
  • Developing your products and service
  • Get market access at regional, national and international level
  • Getting access to pilot projects and financial resources